Our Story



New Money Clothing was founded based on the belief that everyone was born with a gift and passion for something. We want to motivate every individual to follow their passion and do what they love. The philosophy behind the T-shirts is to inspire each individual to endure past the fear, self-doubt, and any negative thoughts to ultimately reach their goals and follow their passion.

The meaning behind “new money” describes those individuals whose success and wealth are made from their own hard work and perseverance.

Our Mission

NEW MONEY’s mission is to motivate others to follow their passion through our designs and messages.

The Story

It all started when I graduated from college with a bachelor in business and psychology and couldn’t find a job. I was told my whole life that I have to go to college, establish a career and then start a family. I was never the type that listened to authority because I felt like I was a puppet doing what they wanted me to do instead of what I wanted. After college, that quality really came out. I started questioning ¬†things and found that I don’t want to live up to someone else’s expectation that I wanted to live up to my OWN expectations. What do I expect from myself? What do I want to do with my life?

That is when I began doing some self research and asked myself the question “what was I born to do?” So, with a lot of self reflection, experiencing different cultures, and talking with all sorts of people, I always found myself the happiest when I motivated and helped others. I found myself always giving advice to everyone that came my way. If anyone needed help in any way I was so happy that I was able to help them.

That is when the idea of putting motivational messages that have inspired my family and friends on t-shirts so that not only it reminds them to keep their head up but it also motivates those around them when they read it. This way I could spread the word of motivation, the inspiration of following your passion, and using your time to do something you love to do.

These shirts will give you daily reminders that you do have the strength and motivation to follow your heart and thoroughly enjoy your life.

Everyday should be a weekend if you do what you were born to do. You don’t need to have the case of the mondays anymore or have a countdown until the weekend. Everyday is lived to its fullest if you follow your heart and allow your passion to guide you.

And don’t forget, in return, by wearing these tshirts you will also motivate others around you when they read the motivational messages. You will help them and also get good karma vibes coming your way. – DG

Please feel free to email me with any questions or a story of your dream